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Further information on UA 17/93 (AFR 57/01/93, 26 January 1993) - Togo: extrajudicial executions and new concern: fear of further extrajudicial executions: 16 people in a peaceful demonstration in Lome, including: Mr Abentey, Kossi Akakpo, Adeoyor Ariound

, N° d'index: AFR 57/002/1993

At least 16 and possibly as many as 24 people were killed when the Togolese security forces opened fire without warning on a peaceful demonstration on 25 January 1993. Over 50 people were reportedly injured. No investigations have been announced into the killings of 25 January. AI fears that further killings may result if the security forces are allowed to act with impunity. There has been an escalation in violent confrontation between the security forces and some opponents of the government. Five civilians, including an 11-year-old child, were reportedly shot dead on 30 January and a soldier and a gendarme have also died. The killings of 30 January are being investigated.

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