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Togo: Legal concern / medical concern / fear of torture: Alexandre Adecambi, hotel manager, Claude Amouzou, Tchao Kodjo Ange Maboudou, businessman, Wilson Adje, restaurant manager, Lambert Koffi, hotel manager, Epiphane Kavegue, radio engineer, Pierre Bak

, N° d'index: AFR 57/001/1995

Up to 12 people, including those named above, were arrested on 30 March 1995 and remain detained without charge or trial. At least six of them are reported to be held incommunicado at a military barracks in Lome. Claude Amouzou, who was seriously ill with pneumonia at the time of his arrest, is held under armed guard in the military wing of a Lome hospital. The arrests have not been officially acknowledged. There is concern that the detainees may be at risk of torture in incommunicado detention. Those guarding Claude Amouzou in hospital have reportedly threatened to withhold necessary medicine and food. The arrests are connected with the alleged discovery of arms at the home of one of the detainees.

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