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UA 411/93 - Sudan: fear of torture: Sid Ahmad al-Hussein, Abdallah Barakat, and 33 students (names unknown)

, N° d'index: AFR 54/041/1993

Sid Ahmad al-Hussein, Deputy Secretary General of the banned Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is reported to have been arrested at his home in Khartoum on 17 November 1993. An outspoken critic of the government, he has been arrested on several occasions in the past and each time brutally tortured. Abdallah Barakat, a prominent member of the Ansar order and supporter of the banned Umma party was reportedly arrested on 12 November in Omdurman, following a speech he made in the Wad Nubawi mosque, denouncing the alleged rigging of elections in Khartoum Students' Union. On 10 November some 300 students were arrested following violent protests against the elections. Although the majority were released, it is thought that 33 students are still being held incommunicado.

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