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Sudan: Prisoners of conscience / fear of torture: Kamal al-Gizouli, lawyer and poet, al-Bagir Hassab al-Rasoul, lawyer, Abdallah Meshawi, lawyer, Siddiq Yousif, retired engineer and trade unionist

, N° d'index: AFR 54/035/1995

AI has received reports that Kamal al-Gizhouli was arrested at his home on 17 September 1995. The other three named above are reported to have been arrested on or around 12 September. The four men are believed to have been detained as part of a security clampdown during anti-government street protests in Khartoum. All four are reported to hold left-wing political views. The men are reported to be detained without charge or trial by the security forces in an unknown location. AI is concerned that they have been arrested because of their history on non-violent poltical activity and that they are at risk of torture. The authorities appear to have used events of the streets as a pretext to arrest non-violent critics of the government as there is no reliable evidence that the men above played any part in the rioting.

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