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UA 182/93 - Sudan: fear of torture / legal concern: Mohamed Atim Mohamed Salama, Yusif Mohamed Sharaf al-Din, Nasr al-Din Tambur, Yacoub Khamis, Omer Haroun, Fiqi Salih Ibrahim, Mohamed Sowar Adam, al-Zubeir Mohamed Khamis

, N° d'index: AFR 54/024/1993

The eight men named above, who are members of the banned Umma Party and of the Fur ethnic group, were arrested in the remote western region of Darfur in late April 1993. They were allegedly beaten by security officers, with Nasr al-Din Tambur seriously ill as a result of his ill-treatment. They are being held incommunicado either in Zalingei, Southern Darfur or in al- Fasher, Northern Darfur. The authorities have not given reasons for their detention, but it is believed they have been arrested solely for their peaceful activities as regional leaders of the Umma Party, and as such are considered prisoners of conscience.

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