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Sudan: Further information on fear of torture / extrajudicial execution: Major-General al-Fatih Mohamed Abdel A'al, Colonel Mustafa Ahmad al-Tai, Colonel Mohamed Hassan Osman al-Zubeir, Lieutenant al-Tayib Nuor al-Daim Mohamed, Haidar al-Tigani, Gaafar Ya

, N° d'index: AFR 54/020/1993

Transfer of case to a new urgent action (UA 159/93, AI Index: AFR 54/19/93, 18 May 1993)

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 54/20/93
Distr: UA/SC
18 May 1993
Further information on UA 141/93 (AFR 54/14/93, 30 April 1993) - Fear of
Torture/Extrajudicial Execution
SUDAN: Major-General al-Fatih Mohamed Abdel A'al - retired army officer
Colonel Mustafa Ahmad al-Tai - retired army officer
Colonel Mohamed Hassan Osman al-Zubeir - retired army officer
Lieutenant al-Tayib Nuor al-Daim Mohamed - retired army officer
Haidar al-Tigani - retired army officer
Gaafar Yassin Ahmad - doctor
Osman Mohamed Ali Gumma
al-Tiraifi al-Tahir Fadul
Yasir Abu Zeid Ahmad
al-Hassan Ahmad Salih Mohamed
Mubarek Mohamed Abdalla Gadeen
In order to streamline the Urgent Action relating to the above cases, a totally
new Urgent Action (UA 159/93, AI Index AFR 54/18/93, 17 May 1993) has been
Please be guided by the names and recommended actions in that UA.
Thank you to everyone who is working on these cases.

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