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Sudan: Further information on legal concern / fear of torture: Dr Ibrahim al-Amin, Fadlalla Burma Nasir, Ibrahim Ali Abdelgadir Fageer, al-Sadiq Ibrahim, Mohammed Abdel- Rahim, Mohammed Yussuf Hassan, Mohammed al-Mahdi, Abdel Mahmud Abbo, Abdullah Ishaq,

, N° d'index: AFR 54/018/1993

Transfer of case to a new urgent action (UA 158/93, AI Index: AFR 54/17/93, 17 May 1993)

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 54/18/93
Distr: UA/SC
18 May 1993
Further information on UA 117/93 (AFR 54/11/93, 19 April 1993) - and follow-ups:
AFR 54/12/93, 21 April 1993; AFR 54/13/93, 27 April 1993; and AFR 54/15/93, 7
May 1993 - Legal concern/fear of torture
SUDAN: Dr Ibrahim al-Amin, ex-cabinet member
Fadlalla Burma Nasir, former State Minister
Ibrahim Ali Abdelgadir Fageer
al-Sadiq Ibrahim
Mohammed Abdel-Rahim
Mohammed Yussuf Hassan
Mohammed al-Mahdi, Imam from the Ansar religious order
Abdel Mahmud Abbo, Imam from the Ansar religious order
Abdullah Ishaq, director of religious teaching in the Ansar order
Abdel Rahman Yunis, leading member of the Ansar order
al-Hadi Adam, leading member of the Ansar order
al-Zahawi Ibrahim, Minister for Energy, Central State
Mustafa 'Abd al-Gadir 'Abd al-Latif, Minister of Education, Central
al-Fadl Omar, farmer
Abdul Rasoul al-Nur Ismael, former Governor of Kordofan
Musa Abdalla al-Bashir, Ansar cleric
Mirghani Abdel Rahman Suleiman, senior member of the Umma party
In order to streamline the Urgent Action and follow-ups relating to the above
cases, a totally new Urgent Action (UA 158/93, AI Index AFR 54/17/93, 17 May
1993) has been issued.
Please be guided by the names and recommended actions in that UA.
Thank you to everyone who is working on these cases.

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