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Sudan: Fear of torture / possible prisoner of conscience: Hassan Hussein, football coach, Abdallah Musa, trade unionist, Mahjoub al-Zubeir, trade unionist, Ali al-Khattib, trade unionist, Haj Musa 'Abd al-Rahim, trade unionist, Moatissim Siam, engineer, S

, N° d'index: AFR 54/017/1995

The 15 people named above are reported to have been arrested in late May 1995 in Port Sudan. The men, many of whom hold left-wing views, were reportedly detained by security officials although neither their place of detention not the reasons for their arrest are known. AI fears that they may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment in detention. The arrests appear to be part of a clampdown on political opponents of the military government.

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