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Further information on UA 442/93 (AFR 53/46/93, 31 December and follow-up AFR 53/01/94, 4 January) - South Africa (Bophuthatswana): legal concern / fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience: Nathaniel Ngakantsi

, N° d'index: AFR 53/002/1994

Although reportedly released from custody on 4 January 1994, Nathaniel Ngakantsi is apparently still in police detention. His lawyers were informed that he would be brought to the magistrates' court on 5 January but when they attended the court they were informed that the police had brought him the previous day. As of midday of 5 January Nathaniel Ngakantsi's lawyers were unable to locate him. They have been informed by a state legal officer that he is still under investigation by the police. There are fears that he is being pressured into making a "confession" in connection with a pamphlet alleging corruption among government officials.

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