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Rwanda: Further information on fear for safety

, N° d'index: AFR 47/011/1999

Eustache Nkerinka, Jacques Maniraguha, Jean-Léonard Bizimana, Members of Parliament for the party Mouvement démocratique républicain (MDR) and Bonaventure Ubalijor, former MDR party leader. Amnesty International has learned that Bonaventure Ubalijoro is now in detention at Kigali Central Prison. He was transferred from the brigade (gendarmerie detention centre) at Remera on 6 April 1999. Eustache Nkerinka, who remains under house arrest in his home in Kigali, has been allowed to receive visitors in the last few days but can only talk to them in the presence of soldiers who are guarding his house.

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