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Further information on UA 140/94 (AFR 47/03/94, 8 April) - Rwanda: extrajudicial executions / fear of further killings: Faustin Rucogoza, Landoald Ndasingwa, Frederic Nzamurambano, Charles Shamukiga, and hundreds of others

, N° d'index: AFR 47/004/1994

The three ministers named above, Faustin Rucogoza, Landoald Ndasingwa and Frederic Nzamurambano have been extrajudicially executed by the Presidential Guard. It is not clear whether their families who were reportedly detained with them have also been killed. There is no news about Charles Shamukiga who was reportedly detained by the Presidential Guard on 7 April. Other human rights activists are reported to have been killed and many others are missing. The president of the constitutional court is also reported to have been killed. Hundreds of civilians have been killed since 7 April, and although the exact figure is unknown, some sources suggest that the number of dead may run into thousands. Fighting between government forces and FPR is continuing despite the announcement of a UN-brokered ceasefire on 9 April, when an interim government was announced.

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