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UA 140/94 - Rwanda: extrajudicial executions / fear of further killings: Faustin Rucogoza, Landoald Ndasingwa, Frederic Nzamurambano, Charles Shamukiga

, N° d'index: AFR 47/003/1994

Amid persistent reports of extrajudicial executions by members of the Presidential Guard and other divisions of the security forces, there are fears for those who have been detained, including the four named above. The three goverment ministers and Charles Shamukiga of the Association of Peace Volunteers are believed to have been taken prisoner by the Presidential Guard. The Presidential Guard are known to have executed the Prime Minister, Agathe Uwilingimana, and to have detained and killed 11 Belgian members of the UN peacekeeping force. Two other UN officials are reportedly missing. Nineteen Roman Catholic nuns and priests are reported to have been extrajudicially executed by members of the Presidential Guard in Kigali. Several dozen Rwandans working for international aid agencies in Kigali are also thought to have been killed.

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