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UA 09/94 - Rwanda: attempted extrajudicial execution / fear for safety: Andre Katabarwa, and members of his household

, N° d'index: AFR 47/001/1994

On 11 January 1994 an unidentified man threw a grenade at Andre Katabarwa as he was coming out of his home in Kiyovu, a suburb of Kigali. He and his day-watchman were both slightly injured in the attack. Eyewitnesses had seen a man on a motorcycle without registration plates outside his house. A marked vehicle of the Rwandese Gendarmerie (paramilitary police), was also seen patrolling the area, but failed to arrest the man after he had thrown the grenade. Andre Katabarwa works for the Association des volontaires de la paix (AVP), a non-governmental human rights organization. He is a former government minister and ambassador to Italy.

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