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Nigeria: Further information on executions / fear of further executions: 43 prisoners convicted of armed robbery including Moshood Lawald and Mohammed Saleh (aged 42) and a further 11 people, including Manasa Thomas

, N° d'index: AFR 44/012/1995

A further 11 people are known to have been executed in Nigeria in addition to the 43 executed on 22 July 1995. Manasa Thomas and four others were executed in Adamawa State, eastern Nigeria on 26 July. The executions are believed to have been public. Further details have emerged about the public execution on 22 July. One man, Moshood Lawal, was reportedly shot 10 times before he died. Another, Mohammed Saleh, told reporters at the execution that he had been sentenced to death in 1979. He appeared to be in poor health at the time of his execution.

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