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Further information on UA 212/94 (AFR 44/04/94, 3 June) - Nigeria: death penalty: Gabriel Ali, Gabriel Uche, Samuel Ani, Edwin Agbo, Roman Peters, Sunday Eze and at least 34 others; and new name: Simeon Agbo

, N° d'index: AFR 44/011/1994

On 2 August 1994, 38 prisoners were executed by firing squad before a crowd of 20 000 in Enugu, southeast Nigeria. It was reported that one of them, Simeon Agbo, survived the execution and rose to his feet an hour later, bleeding from the stomach and shoulders and protesting his innocence. Police reportedly threw him onto a lorryload of corpses and journalists were unable to discover what happened to him subsequently. It is feared that the other six prisoners named above were also among those executed.

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