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UA 212/94 - Nigeria: death penalty: Gabriel Ali, Gabriel Uche, Samuel Ani, Edwin Agbo, Roman Peters, Sunday Eze and at least 34 others

, N° d'index: AFR 44/004/1994

There is concern that Nigeria's new military government has returned to a policy of mass executions. At least 40 prisoners, including those named above, are under sentence of death in Enugu prison, Enugu State, awaiting the decision of the State Military Administrator on confirmation of their sentences. On 31 May 1994 18 prisoners were reportedly executed at Kirikiri prison in Lagos. On 29 May at least 11 prisoners were apparently executed, details of those executed are unknown. On 5 February 26 prisoners convicted of armed robbery may have been executed in public after the State Military Administrator of Akwa Ibom State confirmed their sentences, but it is not known if the executions were carried out. Eugene Ibe, a prisoner condemned to death in Imo State, was reportedly due for execution on 31 May.

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