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UA 360/94 - Mauritania: fear of torture / legal concern: Mohamed Cheick Ould Sidi Yahya, Aboubekrin Ould Ahmed, Hassan Ould Moulay Ely, Abdallah Ould Reggad, El Hadj Abdelazziz Sy, Mohamed Moctar Ould Gaguih, Jemil Ould Mansour, Mohamed Ould Ragel, Vall O

, N° d'index: AFR 38/003/1994

Thirty-four people, including those named above, were arrested on or around 25 September 1994 in an apparent round-up of Islamic activists. Unofficial reports suggest that the total number of those arrested may be over 200. AI is concerned by reports that some of the detainees were ill-treated at the time of arrest and rears that they may be at risk of further ill-treatment in detention. Someof those arrested are apparently member of an Islamic organization called "Umma". AI fears that they may have been arrested on the grounds of religious or political beliefs.

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