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Further information on UA 38/93 (AFR 32/04/93, 15 February) - Kenya: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Njehu Gatabaki and new names: Reverend Jamlick Miano, Peter Ndekei Kihumba

, N° d'index: AFR 32/005/1993

Njehu Gatabaki, editor of Finance magazine, was relased on bail on 24 February 1993. No information is yet available on his treatment in custody. He and his wife are to be prosecuted on earlier charges of sedition but no date has yet been set for his trial. Reverend Jamlick Miano, a Presbyterian minister and editor of The Watchman and Peter Ndekei Kihumba, a colleague, were arrested on 16 February 1993 and also charged with publishing a seditious publication. Both had their bail applications refused and remain detained. Police have confiscated several newspapers and magazines critical of President Moi in the past two weeks and briefly detained some of those selling these publications.

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