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Further information on UA 333/93 (AFR 32/12/93, 21 September; and follow-ups AFR 32/13/93, 29 September; AFR 32/14/93, 11 October; AFR 32/15/93, 25 October; AFR 32/16/93, 19 November; AFR 32/18/93, 26 November; AFR 32/20/93, 10 December; AFR 32/22/93, 15

, N° d'index: AFR 32/003/1994

Eleven of the prisoners named above were released by the Nakuru magistrate on 28 January, when the charges against them were dropped. Koigi wa Wamwere and the first three named above remain in custody. Further proceedings in their case are expected on 11 March 1994. They continue to be held in Nakuru Prison, where it is reported that conditions, while improved, are still poor. The magistrate ruled that Charles Kuria Wamwere, who has typhoid, and Godfrey Ngengi Njuguna, who has a kidney infection, be admitted to hospital. In the past, however, the police have refused to comply with the magistrate's order.

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