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Guinea: death penalty: Tamba Toundoufendouno, alias Mathias Lenaud, Denka Mansare, Ibrahima Bangoura alias Vegas, Mohamed Cisse alias Ando III, Djibril Koly Kone alias Zizi

, N° d'index: AFR 29/004/1995

The five men named above were sentenced to death by the Assizes Court in Conakry, Guinea, on 8 August 1995. They are believed to have appealed to a higher jurisdiction. AI fears that the sentences may be confirmed and that the prisoners may be executed in the near furture. AI opposes the death penalty unconditionally and is callling for the sentences to be commuted. The five were sentenced to death after being convicted of murder, armed robber, criminal association, attempted murder and complicity in murder. There are concerned about thier trial, in which 39 other defendants were also tried. Some alleged that they had been forced to confess under torture.

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