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UA 88/94 - Gabon: fear of ill-treatment in detention: Nang-Veke Brice (alias Ali Ben), and at least 40 others

, N° d'index: AFR 26/002/1994

Nang-Veke Brice, a journalist at Radio Liberte, an opposition radio station, who was arrested on 22 February 1994, has reportedly been ill-treated in detention. On 22 February following the arrest of Jules Mbah-Bekale, an advisor to the opposition RNB party, members of the Gabonese presidential guard ransacked Radio Liberte. At lease 40 other people were arrested on or after 22 February, including 26 people arrested in Oyem following demonstrations protesting at the attack on Radio Liberte. They are believed to be held in Oyem prison. It is not known whether they have been formally charged but many may be prisoners of conscience. While Jules Mbah-Bekale was held for 48 hours before being released without charge, his 75-year-old aunt, his pregnant daughter, another daughter aged 10 and a baby were detained for several hours.

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