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Further information on UA 357/94 (AFR 25/23/94, 27 September) - Ethiopia: "disappearance" / fear of ill-treatment: Asfaw Gemechu, Baricha Kumsa, Bekelle Wolde-Michael, Beressa Begna, Diyama Kefeni, Fufa Sori, Geremaw Gedefa (note full name), Lomi Daba, Na

, N° d'index: AFR 25/025/1994

About 40 people are still being detained without charge following the wave of arrests in Ambo and Guder in early September 1994. Nine of the detainees, including Bekelle Wolde-Michael, Olli Atomsa, Diyama Kefeni, Baricha Kumsa, Geremaw Gedefa and Fufa Sori, were reportedly beaten and transferred from Ambo police station to incommunicado military custody. Also in Ambo on 26 September, Bekelle Argaw, a former army captain, was killed by soldiers at his home in front of his family, who were beaten. Ten police officers, including Captain Shifferaw Heyi, Sergeant-Major Girma Bekelle and Corporal Gudissa Bayatta, are reported to have been arrested and four others sacked, for opposing the ill-treatment and detention without trial of the detainees by government soldiers.

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