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Further information on UA 75/94 (AFR 25/08/94, 24 February) - Ethiopia: extrajudicial execution / fear for safety / torture and ill-treatment: Killed: Mohamed Omer Tubeh, Abdullahi Ganey, Deeg Mohamud Arab; detained: Korad Ahmed Salal (died in custody), G

, N° d'index: AFR 25/019/1994

The Ethiopian government still has not replied to AI's appeals and inquiries about these killings and unlawful detentions by the army in "Region Five" (Ogaden) in late January/early February 1994, except to deny the reports in general. latest reports say that Goyare Aden Olhaye and Deeg Uraag were killed after up to three months incommunicado detention. There is no further news of Dulane Hassan Gabane. Ahmed Abdullahi Agooleh has been released. Others reportedly killed after arrest in early 1994 are: Mohamed Osman Gured, Wasuge Hassan Gurreh, Dubad Osman Kalinle (Galafo); Asowe Omar Guhad, Abdi Aden Babas, Abdi Nur Farah, Abdullahi Hassan Hared (Godey); Deeg Hassan Sirad (Wardheer). The bodies of Mohamed Hajir and three other arrested with him in early 1994 were reportedly found three months after arrest.

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