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Equatorial Guinea: Further information on Fear of torture / possible prisoners of conscience

, N° d'index: AFR 24/014/1998

Remigio Mete, Atanasio Bita Rope, Epifanio Moaba Babo and Guillermo Salomón Echuaka "Alex" (all tried in absentia), Reginaldo Bosio Davis, Dominic Effiong Ibong, David Sunday Nuachuku, Norberto Biebeda, Bienvenido Samba Momesori, Leoncio Kota Ripala, Alejandro Mbe Bita, Emilio Rivas Esara, Ramón Riesa Malabo "Mancanfly", Rubén Mosebi Biacho and Raimundo Errimola. The fifteen above-named men were sentenced to death by a military court on 1 June 1998 and may be executed imminently. The men were found guilty of treason, terrorsim and posession of explosives. Claims that they were tortured to extract confessions were disregarded by the courts.

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