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UA 409/92 - Equatorial Guinea: torture and legal concern: over 100 people including: Celestino Bacale, Pedro Esono, Maximio Miko, Arsenio Moro, Angel Obama

, N° d'index: AFR 24/014/1992

Over 100 people, mainly teachers and students but also priests and members of opposition parties, were arrested during a demonstration calling for the release of Celestino Bacale, a teacher detained on 10 December 1992. Police forcibly broke up the demonstration, after some demonstrators caused a disturbance shouting at traders. Following protests from foreign governments, two priests and about ten members of opposition parties were released on 21 December. However, Celestino Bacale and the teachers named above remain detained. Celestino Bacale, a member of the Convergencia para la Democracia Social, is reportedly seriously ill after torture. He has been arrested on previous occasions. Other detainees have reportedly been tortured.

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