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Equatorial Guinea: Further information on torture / fear of torture: Severo Moto Nsa, Tomas Elo, Jose Ndong Masuela, Agapito Ona, Former Lt. Col Pedro Esonio Masie, Commander Leoncio Mika and an undetermined number of military officers; Pablo Ndong Nsema,

, N° d'index: AFR 24/003/1995

AI has received the names of some of the military officers arrested around 20 February 1995 in connection with the alleged attempt to overthrow the government. All the military detainees and Agapito Ona are being held incommunicado within the Presidential Palace grounds in Bata. AI has also learned that Severo Moto Nsa and Tomas Elo were tried between 2 and 6 March 1995 in Malabo and convicted of corruption. Severo Moto was also convicted of insulting the Head of State and sentenced to two and a half years in prison and 50 million Central African francs. AI believes their trial to have been unfair. Both men are now detained incommunicado in Blackbeach prison.

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