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Further information on UA 380/93 (AFR 20/30/93, 28 October) - Chad: extrajudicial execution / fear of torture / incommunicado detention: Abbass Koty, Bichara Digui, Ahmad Digui, Adoum Badour (released), Mahamat Koussou, and at least 20 soldiers believed t

, N° d'index: AFR 20/031/1993

Adoum Asil, Regional Commander of the Chadian armed forces in the northern Borkounou Enedi Tibesti (BET) region, was arrested in Faya on 25 October. Braim Kossi and Hissein Kokap were arrested in N'Djamena on 26 October. All three are believed to be held incommunicado at an unknown place of detention. It is believed they were arrested in connection with their alleged support of Abbas Koty, who was apparently extrajudicially executed on 22 October. Adoum Badour, who was arrested on 22 October, has been released.

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