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UA 265/93 - Chad: extrajudicial execution: More than 30 civilians killed by members of the security forces, many of them extrajudicially

, N° d'index: AFR 20/026/1993

More than 30 civilians were killed and over 150 others were injured during clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the northern district of N'Djamena on 8 August 1993. The security forces allegedly used automatic weapons and bazooka rockets against the crowd, resulting in the heavy death toll. There have also been reports that several wounded civilians were removed from ambulances and shot. The authorities have announced that four gendarmes and three policemen were killed. The demonstration was organized by the Ouaddai community in N'Djamena to protest against the apprent failure by the government to protct people in eastern Chad's Ouaddai prefecture. On 6 August about 80 unarmed civilians were massacred in Chokoyan village by an armed gang.

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