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Further information on UA 32/93 (AFR 20/06/93, 10 February) - Chad: extrajudicial execution / fear of extrajudicial execution: inhabitants of Gore town and villages in the surrounding area in Moyen-Chari district, including: Djimta Balo, Matthieu Ndotolou

, N° d'index: AFR 20/011/1993

AI is concerned about reports of more killings in the Moyen-Chari region of southern Chad. Jacques Diedje, a local pastor, was arrested and beaten by members of the Republican Guard on 18 February 1993. He died from his injuries on 22 February. He was apparently suspected of being connected to the armed opposition CSNPD. A unit of the Chadian National Army reportedly executed four members of the Peul (Fulani) ethnic group on 23 February 1993. Four women are reported to have "disappeared" after the attack. The Republican Guard is said to have set fire to several villages in the surrounding area.

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