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Chad: Further information on torture / fear of torture / medical concern

, N° d'index: AFR 20/003/1997

Nestor Mbailo, Vincent Mbainaissem, farmer, Gregoire Boltoungar, Fleuri Nebadjingum, Emmanuel Maiadjim, Blaise Mbaidoual, Apolinaire Mbaodji (note corrected spelling), Raymond Mbailassem: The above eight men were arrested in Logone occidental in August and September 1996, on suspicion of belonging to an armed group. Four of the men have been charged and tried by the Brigade Territoriale de Benoye, Logon Occidental: Raymond Mbailassem was acquitted and released on 31 December 1996, while Emmanuel Mbaiadjim, Blaise Mbaidoual and Apolinaire Mbaodji received two-year prison sentences. The other four men continue to be held in detention without charge.Since the intervention of the Procureur de la Republique of Logone Occidental the men have been held in Moundou prison, where conditions, although still harsh, are better. Reports that they were tortured and ill-treated in the early stages of their detention are not believed to have been investigated.

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