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Cameroon: Killings and torture in Ndu

, N° d'index: AFR 17/014/1992

AI is concerned about reports of killings and torture in Ndu, North-West Province, in early June 1992. According to reports, gendarmes were sent to Ndu on 6 June to recover unpaid taxes. About 50 people were arrested, most of whom were later released by an angry crowd or escaped. The crowd reportedly attacked the gendarmes when they tried to leave with 6 prisoners; the gendarmes apparently fired back, killing three people and wounding others. More violence followed and on 8 June more gendarmes arrived in Ndu; they reportedly looted and destroyed property, assaulted people, raped women, arrested people and ill treated them in detention. Most were released shortly afterwards but six men and a woman, Mary Biena Kimbi, an SDF (opposition) member, were held for longer.

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