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Burundi: Further information on execution / fear of further executions:

, N° d'index: AFR 16/042/1997

At least 220 prisoners under sentence of death including: Corneille Karikurubu, Liberat Ntandikiye, Jean berchmans Ngendakimana, Joseph Nteziriba, Jackson Hatungimana and new names: Avite Minani, Alphonse Nsabimana, Placide Uwimana, Jean Bosco Ndikumana, Anaclet Mukanara, Gaetan Bwampaye and all of whom have lost their appeals: The death sentences imposed on the 10 people named above, with the execption of Gaetan Bwampaye, have been confirmed at the Cour de cassation in Bujumbura. AI is concerned that they may face imminent execution if the President does not grant clemency after the execution of six men on 31 July after grossly unfair trials.

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