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Burundi: Extrajudicial executions / fear for safety

, N° d'index: AFR 16/024/1997

Constance, aged 25 (f); Nkiobanynka, aged 65 (f); Serge Ntibazahoruri, aged 30; Jeanette, aged 4 (f); Seraphine Nyandwi, aged 23 (f); Izidoni Ntakhomvkiyi, aged 2; Ancilla, aged one month (f); Venerande Zigirabarya, aged 28 (f); Rose Bucumi, aged 15 (f); Butoyi, aged 4; Ciza, aged 12; Innocent Havyarimana, aged 6: At least 12 people, including seven children, were reportedly extrajudicially executed by soldiers between 7 and 9 July in Karunga district of Isale commune, Bujumbura Rural province. At least four other people including two children, sustained serious wounds during the attack. The killings may have been in reprisal for a mine explosion on 6 July which injured two soldiers. There are fears that there may be further reprisals against civilians in the area.

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