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Further information on UA 415/91 (AFR 16/04/91, 27 November) - Burundi: torture / legal concerns: Libere Barankitse, Liboire Bucumi, Emmanuel Ciiza, Antoine Habonimana, Samuel Magenge, Come Minani (never arrested), William Munyembabazi, Charles Muringa (n

, N° d'index: AFR 16/005/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 16/05/91
Distr: UA/SC
10 December 1991
Further information on UA 415/91 (AFR 16/04/91, 27 November 1991) - Torture/Legal concerns
Burundi: Libère Barankitse, trader
*Liboire Bucumi, employee of Burundi Central Bank
*Emmanuel Ciiza, construction technician
Antoine Habonimana, employee of Burundi Central Bank
Samuel Magenge, employee of Prince Regent Hospital
+Côme Minani, employee at Bujumbura airport
*William Munyembabazi, Director of PSTP Development Project
+Charles Muringa, Musaga zone leader
Vincent Ndayihebura, security guard
*Severin Nsengimana, employee of Ministry of Health
Fidèle Ntezahorirwa, employee of Ministry of Interior
*Philippe Nzobonariba, employee of Martens Enterprise
*Augustin Nzojibwami, secondary school teacher
and nearly 200 others (names unknown)
* released
+ never arrested
Amnesty International has learnt that Liboire Bucumi, Emmanuel Ciiza, William Munyembabazi,
Severin Nsengimana, Philippe Nzobonariba and Augustin Nzojibwami were released within days
of their arrest. Côme Minani who was never arrested is said to be in hiding fearing arrest.
Charles Muringa was also never arrested. Those believed to be still held in custody are
Libère Barankitse, Antoine Habonimana, Samuel Magenge, Vincent Ndayihebura and Fidèle
Ntezahorirwa. They are now said to be held either at Mpimba central prison or at the detention
centre of the Brigade spéciale de recherche (BSR) Special Investigation Brigade, a branch
of the National Gendarmerie, in the capital, Bujumbura. Those still held are not known
to have been formally charged with any offence.
More than 300 people, virtually all of them members of the majority Hutu ethnic group have
been arrested in connection with a rebel attack on military and other installations in
Bujumbura and the northwestern provinces of Cibitoke and Bubanza which started on 23 November
1991. At least 159 of those arrested are known to have been released. Fifty-five others
are still held at Mpimba prison and 104 at the BSR detention centre. The whereabouts of
at least 30 others believed to have been arrested at the end of November 1991 are not known.
Although some of those still held may have been involved in the violence Amnesty International
remains concerned that many of them appear to be still held solely on the basis of
denunciations, unsubstantiated by other evidence, by their neighbours accusing them of
possessing firearms. Some of the denunciations are said to be based on personal envy and
hatred. Many of those arrested were reportedly subjected to severe beatings at the time
of their arrest and others were beaten again while in custody. In some cases some suspects
were injured with bayonets. Amnesty International is still investigating reports that some
detainees died in military custody.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/express and airmail letters in FRENCH if
- welcoming reports that some of those arrested at the end of November 1991 in connection
with the rebel attack have been released and seeking assurances that their fundamental
rights will be respected;
- inquiring whether Libère Barankitse, Antoine Habonimana, Samuel Magenge, Vincent
Ndayihebura and Fidèle Ntezahorirwa are still held and, if so, whether they have been formally
charged with any offences;
Page 2 of FU 415/91
- seeking assurances that those still held are not being ill-treated and that they have
access to visits by their relatives and members of humanitarian organizations;
- urging the authorities to ensure that all those arrested solely because of their ethnic
origin, social standing or uncorroborated denunciations are released without delay and
that any others against whom criminal charges are to be brought are allowed legal counsel
and referred to the procuracy with a view to bringing them promptly to trial.
1. President:
Son Excellence Monsieur le Président / Dear President
Major Pierre Buyoya
Président de la République
Présidence de la République
BP 1870,
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
Telegrams: President Buyoya, Bujumbura, Burundi
Telexes: 5039 presibu bdi or
5049 mnd bdi
2. Prime Minister:
Monsieur Adrien Sibomana Monsieur le Premier Ministre /
Premier Ministre et Ministre de la Planification Dear Prime Minister
Présidence de la République
BP 1870
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
Telegrams: Premier Ministre Sibomana, Bujumbura, Burundi
Telexes: 5039 presibu bdi
3. Minister of Justice:
Monsieur Sébastien Ntahuga Ministre Ntahuga / Dear Minister
Ministre de la Justice
Ministère de la Justice
BP 1880
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
Telegrams: Ministre Ntahuga, Bujumbura, Burundi
Telexes: via Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 5065 minirext, attn Ministre Ntahuga
Minister of the Interior:
Monsieur Libère Bararunyeretse
Ministre de l'Intérieur et du Développement
des collectivités locales
Ministère de l'Intérieur
BP 1910
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Monsieur Cyprien Mbonimpa
Ministre des Relations extérieures et de la
Ministère des Relations extérieures
BP 1840
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
Newspaper Editor:
Monsieur le Rédacteur-en-Chef
Le Renouveau
BP 2870, Bujumbura,
République du Burundi
General Administrator of National Security:
Monsieur Laurent Niyonkuru
Administrateur Général de la Sûreté
Ministère de la Défense nationale
Bujumbura, République du Burundi
President of Human Rights Organization:
Monsieur Eugène Nindorera
Ligue burundaise des droits de l'homme
BP 177
République du Burundi
and to diplomatic representatives of Burundi in your country
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section
office, if sending appeals after 21 January 1992.

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