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Ethiopia / Djibouti: Further information on fear for safety / refoulement and new concern: "disappearance"

, N° d'index: AFR 04/002/1996

Girmay Moges Newaye-Mariam, aged 38; new names: Muhyadin Muftah, Aydrus Hussein and six others: Girmay Moges Newaye-Mariam, an Ethiopian refugee, is still "disappeared" in Ethiopia after being sent back from Djibouti. Muhyadin Muftah, deputy general secretary of the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front, an armed opposition group, and Aydrus Hussein, former member of the Somali Regional Assembly, were arrested in Djibouti with six Ethiopian Somali businessmen on 1 September 1996. They were reportedly handed over to the Ethiopian authorities and have since "disappeared" while in secret detention.

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