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Children's Day action 1995: Appeal case leaflets

, N° d'index: ACT 76/001/1995

This action consists of cases from seven countries, illustrating the types of violations suffered by children and young people around the world. The cases are as follows: Argentina: appeal for clarification of the fate of children born in captivity to mothers who have "disappeared"; China (Tibet): Jampa Choejor, 16, a novice monk, one of many Tibetan children arrested for peacefully expressing their political views; India (Jammu and Kashmir): Nisar Ahmad Mir, 13 and two other boys, shot dead in the custody of the Border Security Force; Iraq (Northern Iraq): Fariq Tawfiq 'Ali, 11, reportedly killed in the custody of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan; Israel: 'Usama Jum'a Kayyali, 14, Muhammad Mahmoud Ibrahim Shafoud, 15 and Hamid al Kuni, 17, tortured in detention; Romania: Virgiliu Ilies, 15, beaten by police in detention; Rwanda: Children, victims of gross human rights violations.

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