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UA News September 1998

, N° d'index: ACT 60/001/1998

1. Happy 25th birthday Urgent Actions! 2. Word Power (Nigeria: Chris Anyanwu; Brazil: Miriam Prochnow and Wigold Schaffer; Guatemala: Monsignor Gerardi); 3. Urgent Actions around the world (Jamaica; USA; Nepal); 4. Indonesia: The end of an era; 5. Junior Urgent Action: The kids are all write; 6. Urgent Actions - the new campaigners view (Victoria Webb); 7.Colombia: Caught in the middle; 8. A day in the life of a UA coordinator at the International Secretariat (Claire Hallam). 9. Urgent Action around the world: Poland; 10. Tunisia: Letter from Oussaima (Radhia Nasraoui); 11. UDHR campaign update; 12. Palestinian Authority: A question of freedom; 13. Strength in numbers: a list of people featured in UAs who have been released so far in 1998.

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