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UA News, March 1996

, N° d'index: ACT 60/001/1996

1. News in brief: Equatorial Guinea: release of poc's Felipe Ondo Obiang, Bonifacio Nguema Esono, Rwanda: release of Jean-Baptiste Barambirwa, Brazil: protection of Wagner dos Santos, Macau: extradition requests from China rejected, Turkey: release of Eren Keskin (photo), Mexico: letter from Father David Fernandez, Belarus: letter from S.A Kopytin, Yemen/India: thanks from released detainees, Tunisia: release of poc's Mohamed Kilani and Hamma Hammami, Panama: amnesty law, Myanmar: release of dance troupe members (photo), Tibet: Gedun Rinchen thanks AI (photo) 2. Necessity the mother of invention - the story of the first UA is retold to a meeting of UA coordinators in Brazil (photos) 3. UA's - a network of thousands, translating words into action, involving the UN, around-the-clock protection, governments respond, action in 1995, on the Internet 4. Mexican wave: a flood of official paperwork is set off by UAs on Mexico (photo of Consuelo Morales).

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