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Summary report on the Amnesty International International Conference on "Disappearances" and Political Killings, 4-6 September 1992 in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, by Laurie S Wiseberg, Rapporteur.

, N° d'index: ACT 33/004/1992

This Summary Report provides a comprehensive record of the addresses delivered at the opening plenary session of the above-named conference, as well as detailed reports of the five working parties and their recommendations. The conclusions of the working parties represent the views of the delegates taking part, therefore the report is not an Amnesty International document as such. The working parties covered the following themes: Action through intergovernmental organizations; The responsibilities of governments: bringing the perpetrators to justice; Campaigning from abroad to increase the pressure; Action within countries where the abuses occur; and Political killings by opposition groups.

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