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C2 January 2001

, N° d'index: ACT 12/001/2001

1. Take a step to stamp out torture: third campaign; 2. Ending secrecy and suffering in Saudi Arabia; 3. Responding to the Crisis in Sierra Leone; 4. Defending those who give the earth a voice: environmental campaigners; 5. Defending human rights in Tunisia; 6. OTPOR: Yugoslavian students; 7. Colombia: Journalism under threat; 8. AI in Morocco; 9. The liberation of Khiam; 10. Guatemala: Finding the past; 11. Women's activism challenged at the United Nations; 12. Wole Soyinka, a profile; 13. Campaigning and change; 14. 250 years of Human Rights Campaigning; 15. Human Rights Activism in an age of Globalization

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