Adoption network for conscientious objectors in Western Europe: France: adoption of prisoner of conscience: Christophe “Kittu” Lascaray

Christophe “Kittu” Lascaray, a 21-year-old rock musician living in the Basque Region, is currently serving 13 months because of his refusal to perform military service. He is a “total objector”, rejecting compulsory military and civilian service on the basis of his anti-militarist and political beliefs. He was detained by border police on 4 November 1992 while putting up posters; the police discovered that he had failed to report for military service on 12 October 1992 and handed him over to the gendarmerie. The next day he was brought to the military barracks in La Rochelle, where he was arrested after refusing to put on military uniform. He was tried in Poitiers on 12 November 1992. He has appealed against his sentence. AI considers him to be a prisoner of conscience.

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