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Further information on UA 408/94 (EUR 44/136/94, 18 November 1994) - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance" : Murat Fani

, Índice: EUR 44/150/1994

Murat Fani and those arrested with him are reported to have been severely tortured while in police custody in Mersin. Murat Fani was held for 15 days and produced in court on 23 November, where he was committed to prison. His lawyer visited him in Mersin Prison and was told of the torture he had suffered. He and the other detainees had been sent from prison for medical examination but had not been given medical certificates, allegedly because of pressure from gendarmes. Murat Fani and the other detainees refute claims by the authorities that they were found with large quantities of weapons.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/150/94
Distr: UA/SC
8 December 1994
Further information on UA 408/94 (EUR 44/136/94, 18 November 1994) - Fear of
torture / "Disappearance"
TURKEY Murat Fani
Murat Fani was one of 22 people detained around 9 November in a police operation
in Mersin against suspected supporters of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK).
Reports indicate that all were severely tortured while in police custody.
Murat Fani was held for 15 days and brought to court on 23 November. He was
formally arrested on charges, under Article 169 of the Turkish Penal Code,
of sheltering PKK militants, in particular two men who he said were old friends,
and who were also among those detained. He was then committed to Mersin Prison.
On the way to prison, he and fellow-prisoners were so severely beaten that
they required medical treatment. Some prisoners had visible cuts and bruises,
while others reported that they had blood in their urine. On 5 December they
were transferred to a prison in Konya to await trial at the State Security
When his lawyer visited him in Mersin Prison on 29 November, Murat Fani had
two teeth missing and one loose, and he complained of pain in his chest. The
lawyer learned that Murat Fani had been subjected to electric shocks, hanging
by the wrists, beating, and spraying with pressurized ice-cold water. One of
the other detainees had a burned thumb from the electric shocks; another had
been raped in the anus with a truncheon; while yet another was unable to walk
because of the severity with which his testicles had been squeezed. Although
the detainees had been sent from prison for medical examination, they were
not given medical certificates, allegedly because of pressure from the gendarmes
who took the prisoners for examination.
While in police custody, the detainees had been shown on Turkish television
behind a large display of weapons. However, allegedly no weapons had been
found during the search in Murat Fani's house, and the other detainees later
claimed that they had not had any weapons.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/faxes/express and airmail
- expressing concern about allegations that Murat Fani and other detainees
were severely tortured in police custody in Mersin between 9 and 23 November;
- urging that these allegations be investigated without delay and that those
responsible be brought to justice;
- asking to be informed of the results of the investigation;
- calling for the prisoners to receive all the medical care they may still
1) State Minister with responsibility for Human Rights:
Mr Azimet Köylüo_lu
Office of the Prime Minister
06573 Ankara, Turkey
Faxes: +90 312 417 0476
Telegrams: Minister Azimet Köylüo_lu, Ankara, Turkey
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President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission:
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and to diplomatic representatives of Turkey accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 20 January 1995.

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