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Further information on EXTRA 60/93 (EUR 44/54/93, 21 June) - Turkey: fear of torture: Erdogan Yasar Kopan, Cafer Cakmak, Turkan Balaban, Zeynel Polat, Gulay Yucel, Zeynep Arikan, Meral Yucel, Necla Can, Ilker Alcan (note corrected name), Tuncer Bagdatliog

, Índice: EUR 44/059/1993

On 23 June 1993, 13 of the detainees were released. They reported that Ethem Elma, Savas Dortyol, Meltem Onder and Gulay Yucel were in a very bad condition as a result of heavy torture. The remaining detainees, including Savas Dortyol, who suffers from a heart condition, and Kamil Gulbagm who suffers from epilepsy, continue to be held incommunicado at Istanbul Police Headquarters, where it is feared they are being interrogated under torture.

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