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Further information on EXTRA 101/93 (EUR 44/110/93, 19 November; and follow-ups EUR 44/112/93, 24 November; EUR 44/119/93, 9 December; EUR 44/121/93, 17 December; EUR 44/06/94, 25 January and EUR 44/37/94, 13 May) - Turkey: fear of torture / legal concern

, Índice: EUR 44/038/1994

Sedat Aslantas, detained in Ankara on 12 May 1994, has been transferred from police custody to Ankara Central Closed Prison. He is one of 24 signatories to a press statement issued on 27 May 1993, who were then charged with making "separatist propaganda" at a trial at Diyarbakir State Security Court. On or around 20 April 1994, 21 of them were convicted and sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment and a fine. Two defendants were acquitted and one died in the course of the proceedings. Sedat Aslantas has been imprisoned to serve this sentence, although an appeal is still pending. Until the verdict has been ratified by the Court of Appeal, it is not yet legally binding and cannot be legally executed. Since the press statement does not advocate violence, Sedat Aslantas is considered to be a prisoner of conscience.

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