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Further information on UA 59/91 (ASA 17/24/91, 18 February) - People's Republic of China: health / ill-treatment / legal concern: Zhu Mei, also known as Sha Zhumei

, Índice: ASA 17/041/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 17/41/91
Distr: UA/SC
30 May 1991
Further information on UA 59/91 (ASA 17/24/91, 18 February 1991) - Health/
Ill-treatment/Legal Concern
(also known as SHA Zhumei - note corrected spelling)
Please note that Zhu Mei is the correct name of the woman prisoner who was
the subject of appeal in UA 59/91. (Sha Zhimei was an incorrect spelling for
a variant of her name given to AI along with details of her case; Zhu Mei,
and not the variant Sha Zhumei, should be used when sending appeals.)
Amnesty International has received no further news about Zhu Mei since the
original Urgent Action was issued in February 1991, and she is presumably still
detained in Shanghai.
Zhu Mei, a 72-year-old woman imprisoned in Shanghai since 1987 is reported
to be in poor health due to the conditions of her imprisonment.
Zhu Mei, a former primary school teacher and member of an independent
protestant church in Shanghai, is reported to have been arrested at her home
on 3 June 1987 and accused of "counter-revolutionary" offences.
Zhu Mei was tried in November 1987 and sentenced to 5 years' imprisonment.
Held at Shanghai municipal prison, she has reportedly been beaten by prison
guards on several occasions for not finishing the work required of her when
she was ill. She is reported to be in poor health due to an insufficient prison
diet and long hours of work.
A photograph of Zhu Mei is available upon request.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Airmail letters and telexes:
- expressing concern that Zhu Mei has been imprisoned in Shanghai for alleged
"counter-revolutionary" offences, and that she is reportedly ill and has
suffered beatings in prison;
- urging the authorities to investigate the reports of Zhu Mei's ill-treatment
without delay, and to release her immediately and unconditionally on
humanitarian grounds.
HUANG Zhu Shizhang (Shanghai Mayor HUANG)
Shanghaishi Renmin Zhengfu
People`s Republic of China
Telexes: 33289 SHFAO CN
(Please forward to HUANG Zhu Shizhang)
CAI Cheng Buzhang (Minister of Justice Cai)
People`s Republic of China
Telexes: 210070 FMPRC CN or 22478 MFERT CN
(Please forward to CAI Cheng Buzhang)
Wenhui Bao
149 Yuanmingyuan Lu
People`s Republic of China
and to diplomatic representatives of the People`s Republic of China in your
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat
or your section office if sending appeals after 11 July 1991.

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