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China: Death penalty action: Victims in their thousands: the death penalty in 1992

, Índice: ASA 17/009/1993

In 1992 more than 1,890 people were sentenced to death in China. At least 1,079 were known to have been executed. At least 300 were executed in the first five months of 1993. These figures are believed to be far below the true numbers. In addition to the death penalty becoming more widespread, the legal process is weighted against defendants. Prisoners in capital trials do not always have access to a lawyer and there is no presumption of innocence. Courts almost never hear defence witnesses, but instead rely solely on the basis of files prepared by police and prosecutors. Condemned prisoners are held in shackles, and are not informed of the rejection of their single appeal until a few hours before their execution. Organs for transplants are taken without consent from the executed.

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