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Cuba: Further information on arbitrary arrest / possible prisoners of conscience: Rafael Solano, director of "Habana Press", Hector Peraza, coordinator of "Habana Press" (note corrected spelling of Habana Press); new name: Jose Rivero Garcia and other ind

, Índice: AMR 25/009/1995

Hector Peraza, detained on 12 July 1995, was released shortly afterwards, apparently without charge. Jose Rivero Garcia, a journalist who writes articles for the same agency and was also detained briefly around 12 July, was visited by state securit agents at his home on 18 July. They informed him that he would be charged with "enemy propaganda" if he continued his journalistic activities. A member of the executive of Habana Press, Raul Rivero, was accosted in a Havana street on 18 July by a stranger. His briefcase, containing articles by journalists which he was trying to have published abroad, was stolen. Along with Rafael Solano, he now faces a possible charge of spreading "enemy propaganda". There has been no further news of Nestor Baguer.

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