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EXTRA 107/93 - Ethiopia: legal concern: arrest of exiles returning for Conference of Peace and Reconciliation: Ibsa Gutama, Abera Yemane-Ab, Genenew Assefa, Genet Girma, Seyoum Zenebe

, Índice: AFR 25/015/1993

The five people named above were arrested on 15 and 16 December in Addis Ababa after returning from exile to represent their respective political organizations at a conference of peace and reconciliation to be held on 18-23 December. The main reason for the arrests appears to prevent prominent political opponents from receiving public exposure and possible support in a political conference inside Ethiopia. They are held in the police Central Investigation Bureau in Addis Ababa; they have not been charged with any offence. The government has said that Ibsa Gutama is held in connection with the OLF's armed struggle.

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