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EXTRA 90/92 - Cameroon: fear of torture / legal concern: John Fru Ndi and over 120 supporters of the Social Democratic Front and at least 200 others arrested in Bamenda, including: Ngalla Nfor, Peter Ngufor, Francis Sama, Ophelia R Sendze, Justice Nyo Wak

, Índice: AFR 17/016/1992

The leader and hundreds of supporters of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) opposition party have been detained or restricted without charge or trial in mass arrests after the imposition of a state of emergency in the North- West Province of Cameroon. Opposition supporters have also been detained in Douala. There are reports of beatings at the time of arrests and AI fears that the detaineed may be at risk of torture. Conditions for those detained at the house of John Fru Ndi in Bamenda are reportedly poor, with inadequate shelter and clothing. Food was reportedly not allowed to be taken in until 30 October and medical care was denied, with the result that over 20 of the prisoners have become ill. AI considers that those detained may be prisoners of conscience.

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