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Tunisia: Deaths in custody during garde a vue detention

, Índice: MDE 30/022/1991

According to reports, five people have died in custody in Tunisia between the end of April and beginning of August 1991. Amnesty International has requested clarification from the government on the circumstances of these deaths but has received no response to date. In the past year, hundreds of members supporters and suspected sympathizers of the illegal Islamic movement Hizb al-Nahda have been arrested and detained incommunicado, often in prolonged garde a vue detention. The names of the five dead men are: Abdelaziz Ben Hamuda Mahuashi, Abdel Raouf Laaribi, Ameur Degache, Abdelwahed Abdelli and Fathi Khiari, a brother-in-law of Abdel Raouf Laaribi. No reports of any investigation have yet been made public.

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